Music can help all aspects of child development and can be linked to other subjects studied in the national curriculum. Skills learnt through music can improve communication, cognitive, organisation and study skills. It’s also fun!

We offer a range of music workshops for Key Stage 2 and 3. All tutors are professional musicians with 5-10 years experience of leading music workshops in schools. Workshops can all be adapted to suit the requirements of your school. We can change themes and all workshops can work with or without students’ instruments. Our classes range from half-day sessions of 1.5 - 2 hours, to longer projects for which we are based in your institution for a series of sessions over the course of the term/season. We can include a pre-project meeting and a post project evaluation

Creative Music Workshops
KS2 or 3

Improves creative music-making and composition. Can be done vocally or with students’ own instruments.

  • Musical warmup Listen and analyse live performance from tutors
  • Games and activities to explore creativity and discuss themes
  • Small group and whole class composing
  • Performances

An introduction to singing for class lessons, assemblies or special occasions. More advanced workshops also available. We can also tailor the theme to suit your requirments.

  • Warmup/vocal games
  • Singing demonstrations
  • Small and large group singing
  • Performances

Tudor Music
KS2 or 3

Introduces students to the music of Tudor England.

  • Musical warmup
  • Listen to Tudor Music and learn about the history surrounding it
  • Learn a Tudor Song
  • Join in with Tudor Music using percussion instruments
  • Instrument demonstrations – historical reproductions of Tudor Recorders, Shawm, Bagpipes, Harp and Hurdy gurdy
  • Learn a Tudor Dance

Music of Shakespeare
KS2 or 3

Learn about music of Shakespeare’s time and how it relates to his plays.

  • Listen to Music in the context of the play extracts
  • Learn a Shakespearean Song
  • Instrument demonstrations – historical reproductions of Tudor Recorders, Shawm, Bagpipes, Harp and Hurdy gurdy

Introduction to Folk Music of Europe
KS1, 2 or 3

Learn about folk music and song from America, Eastern Europe, France, Scandinavia and the UK.

  • Listen to Folk Music from America, Eastern Europe, France, Scandinavia and the UK.
  • Learn about Geography through music
  • Learn a Folk Song Instrument demonstrations – fiddle, melodeon, harp, flute, bagpipes, bodhrán
  • Learn a Morris/Country Dance

Folk Music and Dance from the UK
KS1, 2 or 3

Learn basic moves of country and morris dance. Listen and dance to live folk music.

Guide to the orchestra
KS2 or 3

An interactive concert to introduce the different instruments of the orchestra. Will include live demonstrations.

KS2 or 3

Recorders are a cost-effective and easy way to introduce students to learning an instrument. This workshop will introduce the recorder family with live demonstrations, listening to recordings and providing instruments for students to try out.


Emily worked on a specially commissioned primary school educational project for BREMF which was one of our most creative and successful education projects. She was a joy to work with, contributing great ideas to the planning meetings, as well as being brilliant in working with the children and teachers in schools and working well as a member of a team.'   Clare Norburn, Co-director of Brighton Early Music Festival


We opted for Folk Music and Dance workshops. The team were amazingly flexible, working closely with my staff to create a package to complement our curriculum. The children loved every minute! We were wowed by the musicians’ skill and enthusiasm which was infectious with both children and staff alike. This workshop enabled the children to be actively involved in their learning. I would definitely recommend them and plan to rebook next year.' Mrs Sandra Cunningham, Head Teacher of Warren Mead Junior School


Photographs © Robert Piwko Photography