Pre-school years

Early years music classes can positively impact on many aspects of children’s development including language, memory, concentration and fine motor skills. It also increases confidence and gives them another means of self-expression.

We offer one-off and series of interactive classes for babies and toddlers. Workshops can be tailored to your needs, including adapting to themes you are exploring within class.

Our classes involve a wide variety of activities to stimulate this age group including:

  • Singing - Counting and action songs with lullabies for calm moments! We create even more variety by singing songs with just voices, backing tracks and with live instrumental accompaniment.
  • Playing instruments – We have a range of percussion instruments for children to play.
  • Dancing – Movement songs and dances to develop co ordination.
  • Listening time – Live and recorded music. All tutors play a wide variety of instruments.
  • Puppets – to interact and sing with musical games.
Pre-school music

Emily is multi-talented and very engaging, as well as sweet, enthusiastic and very smiley. The plethora of musical instruments, including those as obscure as the mini-bagpipes, are enchanting, especially when combined with Emily's beautiful voice." Natalie Strong and Zac

Emily is such an amazing teacher, her incredible energy, enthusiasm and sense of humour make every class such fun and I'll never forget seeing the babies' faces the first time she played her bagpipes!" Suzanne Darling and Jack

Pre-school dance